Shooting in Rocca de’ Giorgi

Last fall I was on the countryside not far from Milano to do my first job as a professional photographer. Very exciting, as it is something I been wanting to do since long. I am happy to say that the pictures turned out really nice and will be published in Gods & Gårdar later this year. I am so happy about this!

Here are pictures from the beautiful trip that led me to Villa Fornace, the home that later became my first experience as both a writer and photographer!

I was so happy to participate at this shoot taking place just outside Milan. Some of the guests, including me, where staying at Castello di Cigognola on top of a mountain in Oltrepò Pavese.

In the morning we all gather in front of Villa Fornace, home of the family Giorgi de Vistarino, who not only organises shoots. They are also Italy’s first and biggest producer of Pinot Noir and make their own excellent wine and spumante.

While the shooters where getting ready I took the opportunity to look into the villa. But what a nice home! I immediately felt inspired and decided to try and see if I could come back and make an article about the villa for the Swedish magazine Gods & Gårdar.

Shooters getting ready.
Best hat of them all was on Rolf Sasch.
Early morning on the first drive.

As an alternative for non shooters, some of us returned back to the villa where we enjoyed the house, went on a walk, read a book or even got a relaxing massage.

At lunch we all met up at an old tenuta beautifully overlooking the wine yards of Rocca di Gorgi. There we were served nice Italian food and of course the delicious wine and spumante produced on the property.

Our dear host Carlo Clavarino, with friend Rolf Sachs, making sure all the guests are having a good time.
Personally I could never kill an animal, but I still enjoy the moment.

The lovely day is going to an end. Young Conte Vistarino di Giorgi is a happy helper in gathering the pheasant.
What a wonderful day!

Back to Villa Fornace  for the typical shooting ceremony,  where Contessa Giorgi de Vistarino and her grandson was joining us.

Such beautiful birds.

Thewn quick back to Castello di Cigognola to get ready for the evening.

Running faster with shoes in hand.

The dinner party was held at Castello di Montalto Pavese, a fantastic castle that has been sleeping since long, but was woken up just for one night – only lit by candles. It was so amazing!


I felt like a principessa the whole night. What a night and what a fantastic trip! I met so many new and nice people and I am looking forwards to seeing them soon again!

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