Gingerbread house

December is here and it’s time to start getting into that cosy feeling of Christmas. One thing I like to do is to bake gingerbread house. It takes some time to make your own dough and everything, but it’s so much fun. And a gingerbread house really contributes with lots of Christmas atmosphere. I hope I’ll will find time to build one this year too.

Here comes a post from the past that can give some inspiration!

Här är lamporna släckta i huset. Det blev någon form av kombination mellan fyrhus och beach house i år. Jag har placerat huset på en spegel för att ge intryck av vatten. Fönstrena är av gelatinblad och jag skippade kristyren och pudrade bara med florsocker istället (går betydligt snabbare). Torntaket blev lite skevt men jag är ändå väldigt nöjd med min lilla kreation

The Christmas tree is all dressed up and as I am writing my daughter Lovisa and her friend is decorating their gingerbread house. My own gingerbread creation, a combination of lighthouse and beach house, is just finished and is spreading a lovely sent through the house. As a pale but golden ray of December sun find its way through the windows I notice that the nostalgic feeling of Christmas has reach my home again.

Fönsterna är av gelatinblad och jag har dragit en ljusslinga igenom huset.
Windows are made of gelatin and I have put a small light inside the house and placed it on a a mirror, to creature the illusion of  frozen lake.
Det är mycket att tänka på och många många bitar att hålla koll på. Kul!
A lot of pieces to keep track of when playing architect .

Degen gör jag några dagar innan. Sedan behövs en enkel skiss, rutpapper och linjal och en massa tålamod. Lovisa blir lite sur på mig då hon inte får hjälpa till speciellt mycket, men ibland vill mammor leka själva.

I do the dough a few days ahead. You can actually do the dough a long time ahead, as the spices work as preservative and do a great job at keeping it fresh. Any classic recipe would work, but I usually use a little less baking powder, so it does not increase so much in the volume once in the oven.  But then I am more generous of spices – to really get a lot of that lovely sent of Christmas in the house.  I do a simple sketch, cut pieces out of paper, use a ruler and lot of patience. To glue the pieces together I use melted sugar. Lovisa gets a little angry with me because she does not get to help me as much as she wants, but sometimes mothers want to play by them themselves.

Äkta julstök med betoning på stök. Oj vad det blir rörigt när mammor leker!
My kitchen in real Christmas mess. This is how it can look when mom is having fun!
Äntligen får Lovisa göra som hon vill utan att mamma ska bestämma.
Lovisa gets to do her own hose where she can be the boss.

This is another house I have made. Have a look here to see when it was done.  Below is an attempt to make a copy of my home. Here you can see pictures from when it was done.

I looking forwards to this years creation. It will most probably a stable, as there is a lot going on in the stable here right now. More about that soon. Have a lovely Sunday!