New Sweetheart

Since a few days I have a new sweat heart at home. It took weeks of surging the internet and numerous of mails- and phone calls, mostly to remote areas in our elongated country, until finally the right pony appeared almost next doors. Little Zorro will be perfect keeping my daughters pony company, and on top of it he will steel our hearts – for sure!

Zorro is a six years old Shetland pony, who up until a year ago was kept a stallion by the breeder. Apart from his good looks and pedigree, he is very social and to be able to take a picture of him, I had to figure out different ways to create some distance.

I stepped up on an old house ground to,  but he quickly jump after me, seeming to want to sit in my lap. So sweet. I think I soon will have to bring him home and into the house, to cuddle in the sofa.

In the morning when I take my dogs for a walk I usually check on the ponies. Young labrador Kimchi loves to play with Zorro, probably thinking they have a lot in common, both being young, playful and similar in color. It is lots of fun watching them play, Kimchi as the teasing matador, who quickly jumps out of the away just in time. But Zorro soon gets borde with the game and comes running to be social with me.

The other morning the weather was lovely, with bright blue sky and everything covered with frost. I rarely keep leashes on the dogs and they can enjoy the luxury of running free. When ever a wild animal crosses our path they might chase it for a few seconds, but never far and they quickly returns when I call. It is not that I am a master in dog obedience. It’s simply that labradors as such easy dogs, always wanting to please and do right. 

On the way back we pass my little gardin de potage, were  flowers from this summer have frozen in time. I am looking forwards to spring and getting to spend happy time getting dirty hands in the garden.

From frozen summer and frosted halloween, it is about time to get the house prepared for Christmas. But first I will spend the weekend in Copenhagen. Looking forwards to this!

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