Villa Fornace

Finally, my first article where I have done both the photography and the writing has been published.  I’m so exited about this!  Villa Fornace was a lovely home to shoot, and additionally, the layout in Gods & Gårdar turned out very nice. I could not been more happy with my debut as a photographer!

Dark hair and blue eyes, beautiful Ottavia Giorgio de Vistarino with her dog Tigre were both in focus.  This is worth celebrate with Champagne! Yet I’d rather have some of Vistarino’s own spumante, but unfortunately, I have no bottles left.


Villa Fornace has magnificent interiors, and I had a good time with the camera. At the same time, it was a challenge with bright light from the windows and the high ceilings. I also photographed several rooms that did not appear in the article and I will post some of them soon. Please check out the wonderful trip where I first found Villa Fornace.


Ottavia is doing a great job marketing the family’s wine and I hope it will be available  to buy in Sweden in the future. Here you can check out Conte Vistarino’s wedsite


I had my usual morning visitors on the stairs, wondering what I was doing while I was taking pictures of the article. Happy to get some use of an old evening dress and shawl from my closet.


Leaves from vines growing in my garden. Boris, my British short-hair cat, constantly follows me around and was of course curious about what I was doing.



It feels great to have taken the step to also do the photography in my articles. Now I am looking forwards to seeing the next one published, this time portraying a pretty house not far from where I live.

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