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Welcome to my blog!

I’ve been blogging for Swedish interior design magazine Gods & Gårdar for a long time and I finally decided to “bring home” my rather quantified amount of blog posts to a page of my own. Now future posts will also be in English and I will translate some from the past as well.

As you will see my blog is very personal. Out of my own experiences and my own esthetic thinking I mix freely between extravagant castles, mansions and a more modest country life; between exclusive traveling and a walk with muddy boots though the Swedish wildness. I love contrasts and my blog reflects the somewhat double life I like to live, mostly on the Swedish countryside, where general wellbeing and the kids come first, and work comes second. I love to do all the countryside clichés – like cooking real food, ride horses and spend most of the day getting dirty in my garden. Surrounded by forest, fields and animals I have the beautiful life I grew up with. But I also have the experience of living fourteen years in Paris and New York and I have a big need for variation, for meeting new people and for traveling. Those variations are included too.

A few times a week I like to sit down and express some of all the beauty that catches my eye. My blog is simply that – an aesthetic desire to reproduce the experience of things and situations that caught my attention.

Please do explore previous posts and see my progress from model and newly divorced housewife, to becoming a writer and photographer. An ongoing and exiting process! I hope you will enjoy getting this unique view of my life and of Sweden, through my eyes. Make sure you subscribe to keep track of new posts. And I would love to hear from you – feedback and questions are warmly welcome!

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